Fatal Stabbing

From the “Star Tribune

The fatal stabbing of a Minneapolis bar patron followed gay-bashing comments made by the victim, witness says.

A witness said Monday that the 47-year-old man who was fatally stabbed while standing outside a Minneapolis bar ignited the deadly melee with a gay-bashing comment directed at the defendant, who is being charged as a man but is undergoing gender transition.


From Wembley and Kingsbury Times:

A TRANSSEXUAL and self-styled countess has been jailed for four and a half years for conning the council out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits

Gay Pride Parade

‘Heartwood’ writes on a well-known transgender forum:

One time I went to a gay pride parade where anyone that was gay got half off on food and such. (It was more of a festival really) and so I went because I thought it might be pretty cheap and the thought of gay men giving me food gave me the willies, but in a good way, you know? Anyways, I asked if they gave out food to transgender people and they said no, so I said I was actually gay. They figured I was lying, so I had to go home and I put on some colorful clothing and came back, but when I came back, they said I could just have some on the house, as long as I stopped making homosexuals look bad, whatever that means. 🙂

It was great. I’m pretty hungry now, actually.

From Associated Press via ‘Edge, Boston MA’:

Spisak was convicted of three murders at Cleveland State University over a seven-month period in 1982 – crimes he said were motivated by his hatred of gays, blacks and Jews. At the same time, Spisak claimed his crimes were sparked by mental illness related to confusion about his sexual identity. He wants to have surgery to become a woman.


From Wikipedia:

Self-deception is a process of denying or rationalizing away the relevance, significance, or importance of opposing evidence and logical argument. Self-deception involves convincing oneself of a truth (or lack of truth) so that one does not reveal any self-knowledge of the deception.

janepf writes:

harry benjamin said… the transvestite has a social problem, the homosexual has a sexual problem and the transsexual has an identity problem…

he was a lovely gentle caring man who although as smart as smart can be, his views were from the outside looking in. I think it is very close to the truth of it, but not quite.

In my own experience i had to confront each of HB’s many combinations of these core symptoms in order to find myself according to the medical world measurments and categorisations of the transsexual personality.. It was scary and self confronting but in the end only confirmed what i already knew anyway..

i always remember one of my childhood conscious identifications about myself was when i was 8 years old and delivered the weekend british tabloids. I read a front page article about a person who was outed as being a transvestite..it made me feel like like i was having a knife plunged into my heart and i felt sick..i thought that must be what i was and i hated it, i didn’t want it….a short while later there was another story about a gay outing and that did similar things to me and i thought again that must be me..it really confused and horrified me and i didn’t want that..then a short while later there was a story about a transsexual and i just went…NOOOOOOO!!! i had found myself.. i can’t say it made me feel any better but it explained why i was so different and had this deep overwhelming desire to be the opposite to my birth gender.

It wasn’t when my dysphoria started but thats another story.

The one key (not that i have always done it myself,) is to be true and honest to yourself because unless delusional issues are there you just can’t lie to yourself…

facing those truths is the scariest challenge.

Nikki Jane Weston tells her story to the Manchester Evening News:

“I can’t wait for the operation,” she said. “It will be some point next year I hope. I’ll be off work for three months and won’t be able to walk for two weeks. My body will go through a massive trauma and I will learn how to be a woman. People say I’m nuts but it is worth it. It’s like saying I want that car and you work towards getting it.”
LAST month Nikki lost an appeal to clear her name at Burnley Crown Court after previously being found guilty of assaulting her ex-wife’s father at the couple’s marital home in Woodside Crescent, Newchurch.

During the appeal hearing the court heard how Nikki – whose 25 year marriage to her former wife had fallen apart after deciding to become a woman – had turned up at the house on February 20 this year because she was homeless and wanted to move back in.

Nikki Jane, 45, formerly known as Nigel Weston, had pushed her former father-in-law, 65 year old Peter Scholes, into a corner of the room by the throat, was said to have punched him in the mouth and knocked his glasses off. Nikki claimed Mr Scholes wanted revenge and was going to hit her because she had decided to become a woman.

But Nikki’s appeal was thrown out and the conviction for assault by beating stood.